Aside form buying and selling our own invetory, Proline Machinery Company also brokers machinery and sells machines from consignment. If we are unable to buy your machine for inventory we offer an on-site consignment agreement. This means that we have the exclusive rights to sell your machine while it sits on your floor for an agreed upon time period (we can also discuss off-site consignment agreements if nessecary). A consignment agreement takes care of all the negotiations up front. The sale price is determined before we even try and sell the machine. This means when the machine sells, there will be no negotiations. If PMC is only able to sell the machine for the agreed upon sale price, no comission will be received. The consignment agreement also allows PMC to use all advertising methods without fear that the machine will be sold by someone else. This is especially important because of the time and money spent on advertising your machine.

If the machine cannot be bought for inventory, or a consignment agreement can not be made, the option to broker the machine comes into play. This is a simple process of you providing the machine information and the purchase price desired. We then go out and try to match your machine to a customer who is in need of that particular equipment.

No matter your preference, we have plans to suit all situations. Please take the first step and contact us with your surplus machinery. We will assess the situation and come up with the best possible plan to move your equipment quickly while getting you the most amount of money for your machinery.

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